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Popular magazines are often characterized by their glossy pages, color photos, and extensive advertising. The library subscribes to many magazines and databases that track articles in magazines.

Facsimile formats allow you to browse and read popular magazines as they were printed, page by page, with full images and advertisements, not just the text of articles available in many databases

Other sources

  • Air & Space offers the complete set of Air & Space Smithsonian magazine, from 1986 to 2 months ago.
  • National Geographic Virtual Library offers the complete set of National Geographic, from 1888 to 2 months ago.
  • Smithsonian offers the complete set of Smithsonian, from 1970 to 2 months ago.

Sources of full-page magazine PDFs

These sources don't offer page by page browsing, but do have full-page PDFs from popular magazines (often one PDF for each article).