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Quick History of Matroska

  • 2002: Official birth on SourceForge (Matroska)
  • 2007: Established
    • Developed by the Matroska Development Team
    • Supported by non-profits
    • Licensed under GNU L-GPL
    • All file extensions: .mkv (video/video + audio), .mka (audio), .mk3d (3D video), and .mks (subtitles) 
  • 2010: WebM adopted the format and paired it with VP8 and Vorbis to conform to WebM guidelines (WebM FAQ)
  • 2014: Windows 10 supports HEVC and Matroska OOTB (Windows, Softpedia)
  • 2014: Endorsed by the PREFORMA project on acceptable preservation formats

See the Matroska websit, Technical Details, and FAQ for more details

Converting MKV Format