Team Science and Collaborative Research: Tools to Increase Trust

This libguide will point you to essentials resources to improve your knowledge and practice of collaborative research, and, more importantly, team science.

High performing teams have well developed trust and strong sense of psychological safety among team members.  How can you improve trust between your team members? 

Trust Resources

Why debrief?

Team Debriefing Models

Team debriefs are excellent opportunities to increase trust among team members.  Debriefs can be informal or formal, and they can happen before, during or after a collaboration project.  

After Action Reviews​


After-Action Reviews were originally intended as a debriefing model for U.S. Army units, and they were conducted "after-action," whether a training run or an actual combat mission.  AARs can be informal or formal debriefs that typically ask three questions: what happened, why it happened, how it can be done better in the future. 


Here are some resources on how to conduct AARs

Other Team Debriefing Models

Measuring and Improving Trust in Your Team

Team and Self Assessments - These instruments help you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your team’s orientation to collaboration.  These tools can be used to inform leaders and members of teams where the team may be struggling and where the team is performing well.  It’s great to use these before, during and after a large project as a process evaluation of your collaboration.   

Team and Self Assessment Resources