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Collections & Technical Services: Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission:

We foster learning and discovery by connecting people with significant collections and resources, and expert support of research.


Our Vision:

In accordance with the University Libraries’ mission, our collections and services will support research and teaching. Collection management will be based on sound assessment practices and user needs. We will continue to be responsive to changes in information acquisition and scholarly publishing.  


Our Values:

Collaboration and teamwork: We rely on our collective expertise in accomplishing our goals. We establish partnerships in and outside the library to further our mission.


Continuous improvement: We anticipate and are responsive to changes in user needs and the needs of our institution. We strive for excellence in all we do, creating and employing best practices. We strive for efficiency and flexibility in our workflows.


Discovery: Our collections and services nurture scholarly exploration.


Innovation: We are creative, adaptable, and amenable to intelligent risk-taking. We strive to remove barriers to access.


Professional development: We invest in the training and development of our employees.


Service: We are committed to providing excellent service. We are responsive, respectful, and accessible.


Edward F. Lener
Director of Collections
(540) 231-9249

Kat Brown
Resident Science Librarian
(540) 231-5140

Samantha Fenton
Acquisitions Unit Head
(540) 231-9282

Sharon Gotkiewicz
ILL Unit Head
(540) 231-9202

Ellen Krupar
College Librarian for Business
(540) 231-4863

Bruce Pencek
Assistant Director for Collection Management
(540) 231-2140

Ruby Sheppard
Serials Unit Head
(540) 231-6743

Deborah Simpkins
Collections Processing Team Leader
(540) 231-4129

Michael Sutherland
ILS and Discovery Librarian
(540) 231-9669

Craig Whetten

Collection Strategist and Assessment Coordinator
(540) 231-8936


Jean Quible

Dick and Jean Quible are shown

Dick and Jean Quible