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Welcome to our journey towards creating more inclusive and accessible learning experiences.

What is Accessibility?

What is Accessibility? 

Accessibility means making sure that education is available to everyone, no matter their abilities. Think of it like this: just as buildings have ramps for wheelchairs, learning materials should have 'ramps' too—ways for everyone to understand and learn.

Why is Accessibility Important?

  • It’s Fair: Everyone has the right to learn. Making classes and materials accessible gives all students an equal chance to succeed.
  • It’s Law: Laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) say that educational materials must be accessible to all.
  • It’s Helpful for All: When you make learning easier for students with disabilities, it often makes learning better for everyone!

How Will This Guide Help?

  • Tips & Tricks: Learn quick changes you can make right now to help all your students.
  • In-Depth Strategies: Find out more about how to plan your courses to be accessible from the start.
  • Tools & Resources: Discover tools and resources that make creating accessible content easier.
  • Support: You're not alone! This guide will point you to people and places that can help you make your teaching more accessible.

Brief on Legal and Ethical Considerations


This guide created by Pavani Vikram, Usability and Accessibility Intern for 2023-2024. Questions? Contact Lisa Becksford, Head, Learning Design Initiatives, at