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Women in Architecture and Design: Recommended Resources

A guide dedicated to bringing awareness to women in architecture and design.


Featured Books in the Art & Architecture Library

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground is a pioneering visual manifesto of more than 200 incredible buildings designed by women all over the world. Featuring twentieth-century icons such as Julia Morgan, Eileen Gray and Lina Bo Bardi, and the best contemporary talent, from Kazuyo Sejima to Elizabeth Diller and Grafton Architects, this book is, above all else, a ground-breaking celebration of extraordinary architecture.

Architecture: a Woman's Profession

Well-known women architects from Europe and the USA discuss these matters and report their academic and professional experiences, how they see the way ahead and argue - from individual points of view - for a debate on educational structures and how the practice of architecture is composed. 


DESIGN(H)ERS is a stunning showcase of up-and-coming talent spanning across a variety of design mediums to highlight the distinction and diversity that women bring to their respective fields. Coupled with compelling stories revolving around the journeys of luminaries who have already made their mark, this book serves to intrigue and inspire the creatives of the future.

Women in Graphic Design 1890-2012

Why are there so few women in the history of design? Why do previously well-known women become 'forgotten', and at what point can someone be considered 'successful'? Do women create differently to men? What effects of the gender debate are noticeable in today's everyday working life, and are women judged today solely on the basis of their quality of work? 

Women in Design

This book attempts to tell a very different story, one that appraises their activities within the wider landscape of the feminist movement - both past and present. It is only now that women designers working in developed free-market economies are beginning to enjoy anything like equality with their male counterparts when it comes to professional access and recognition, let alone parity of remuneration. 

Women, Modernism, and Landscape Architecture

This book looks closely at the work and influences of some of the least studied figures of the era: established and less well-known female landscape architects who pursued modernist ideals in their designs. The women discussed in this volume belong to the pioneering first two generations of professional landscape architects and were outstanding in the field. 

Women Design

From architects and product designers to textile artists and digital innovators, Women Design profiles 27 of the most influential female designers from the twentieth century to the present day, showcasing their finest work and celebrating their enduring influence.

AA Women in Architecture

October 2017 marks the centenary of the admission of the first female students to the Architectural Association. Published to coincide with a symposium, exhibition and series of talks all celebrating this event, AA Women in Architecture puts forward the stories of women who have entered the architectural profession and their contributions to architectural practice and education.


One of the foremost architects working today, Jeanne Gang is widely recognized for her innovative and independent practice. With the studio poised to contribute a new set of buildings to the global skyline, Building examines its most current work, twelve built and unbuilt projects that address four major issues facing contemporary architecture: its relationship to nature, the development of dense urban areas, the integration of the ideas of community members, and architecture and performance.



The BWAF Bibliography provides citations to surveys, monographs, gender and race in architectural practice, women and architectural schools, gender and planning, women and housing, and feminism architecture. Books that are not owned by Virginia Tech can be requested through interlibrary loan.

Women Architect and Designer Monographs​

Gender and Race in Architectural Practice

Gender and Planning

Feminism and Architecture


Lists of Women Architects and Designers


Pioneering Women of American Architecture - a collection of profiles of fifty women born before 1940 who have made important contributions to American architecture

Dynamic National Archive Collection - searchable database documenting the work of women architects and designers who have contributed to the places and spaces of the United States 

Women in Architecture Bibliographic Database - searchable database of the International Archive of Women in Architecture 

Wikipedia List of Women Architects - crowdsourced list of women architects organized by region

Women's Studies Databases

Below is a list of library databases that can aid in women's studies research. An exhaustive list of library databases can be found here.