Omeka Toolkit: Getting Started with Omeka

This guide is a toolkit of resources about Omeka compiled for a series of workshops for Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students, as well as our larger community.

What is Omeka?

 Omeka is an online open-source content management system for digital collections. It allows you to upload a variety of item types/files and organize them into digital collections and/or exhibits. For this reason, Omeka is best used for projects that contain a collection of things rather than text or data based work (e.g. blogs, data visualizations, etc.)

To learn more about items and collections, see the Collections & Items tab of this guide. 

Omeka Help

Are you working on an Omeka project? Do you need help getting started? Stuck on an issue or have a problem you can't resolve? Email us ( and we will connect you with someone at the University Libraries who will try to help!