Omeka Toolkit: Plugins

This guide is a toolkit of resources about Omeka compiled for a series of workshops for Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students, as well as our larger community.

Below are some plugins you might want to use in your Omeka site. Please keep in mind that depending on what sort of site you are running and how it's hosted, you may not have access to all of these resources. Plugins that are available on free or paid but limited sites (as well as hosted solutions), are marked with an * (asterisk). Essentially, these plugins are available anyone with any sort of hosting solution. Other plugins may only be available with paid or hosted accounts. You can find even MORE plugins through existing Omeka documentation or searching the web (some plugins are now hosted separately through GitHub). 

Viewers for Documents + PDFs

Not quite viewers, but useful for managing how you display content:

Viewers for A/V + Web Content

Also, keep in mind you can directly embed video from YouTube or other sources with <iframe> code!*

Mapping Tools

  • Google Maps*
    • Embedding a Google Map doesn't require a plugin. With access to creating a Google Map, you can grab the embed code and install it into an exhibit or even metadata for an object. 
  • Geolocation
  • Neatline

Importing and Exporting Metadata and Files

Authorities and Controlled Vocabularies

Omeka Help

Are you working on an Omeka project? Do you need help getting started? Stuck on an issue or have a problem you can't resolve? Email us ( and we will connect you with someone at the University Libraries who will try to help!