Omeka Toolkit: Account Maintenance

This guide is a toolkit of resources about Omeka compiled for a series of workshops for Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students, as well as our larger community.

Creating a free Account

Create your account. Visit and click “Start your free trial”. The free trial includes one site with limited plugins and themes we will be covering in the workshop. 

Create your site. After you have created your account and activated it over email, you should see a page that says “My Sites”, click on “Add a Site”. Once there choose your subdomain name (this will be your URL), the site title, and a site description (this is optional). 


Adding Users

To add a user in Omeka, navigate to your site's dashboard and select "Users". There you will see a list of all current users, display names, emails, and role. With this list you can edit a user's role or remove the user. You can also make bulk changes using the the last column of the list. At the bottom of the page after the list, you will see a space add a new user, type in a user's email and select the role you would like to assign them and click "Invite". If the user does not receive an email, ask them to check their spam folders. 

There are four roles you can assign to a user, each with different permissions. The roles are outlined below, think carefully about what roles to assign users as they relate to the project and remember you can edit user role's later if needed. 

  • Super - Can do everything! But specifically Plug Ins, Appearances, Users, and Settings 

  • Admin - Can add, edit, and delete Items, Collections, and Exhibits

  • Contributor - Can add, edit, and delete items they create, but cannot make those items public

  • Researcher - Can view all items in the dashboard, but cannot add, edit, or delete content

Managing Plug-ins

Library Omeka users have site managed in different ways and may have experience with various plugins or alternative solutions for a plugin. If you are limited by your account level or hosting situation, please feel free to contact us ( and we can help you brainstorm how to meet your needs! basic (free) accounts only allow users to implement a subset of plugins. Upgraded plans (requiring a subscription) offer access to additional plugins. You can see the list of available plugins at different levels on the website

Hosted (by yourself or another source)

If you are hosting an Omeka site yourself (or through a third party service), you have additional opportunities to install a extensive variety of plugins. A list of registered plugins is available online. However, many developers also host code of plugins in platforms like GitHub, so the online list is not exhaustive. 

Adding New Plug-ins to CPanel

If you're local Omeka instance is managed in a CPanel, e.g. Reclaim hosting. Here is a quick guide for uploading a new plugin. 

Omeka Help

Are you working on an Omeka project? Do you need help getting started? Stuck on an issue or have a problem you can't resolve? Email us ( and we will connect you with someone at the University Libraries who will try to help!