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Copyright Clearance Center Guide: Content Covered by Copyright Clearance Center License

Best practices for the classroom and workplace. Does our license allow you to photocopy or electronically distribute copyrighted materials to your students, staff or co-workers?

On this page:

Copyright Clearance Center Academic License - Permission to Use -- Allowed

Wondering if you are allowed to share pdfs on Canvas?


 1.  Go to‚Äč       .


2.  Enter the
title or ISBN for books or ISSN for journals and click the magnifying glass icon.

               For example,  to ensure that you are looking at the correct edition of the book, rather than entering the title:
               enter the ISBN 9780521747769  of An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine, 2nd. Edition.       


3.  Look for the How can I use this copyrighted content box.  The green checks mean you can use it in the ways delineated.


4.  Click  View more ways to share to discover how the content may be used.



 5.  Retrieves this page.  You may use the content in the ways described: