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Creative Technologies and New Media Art: Recommended Resources

This Research Guide supports the Creative Technologies programs at Virginia Tech that prepares students to use digital and new media technologies to create, present, communicate and shape information and artwork. 

Featured Books 

New Media Art

This book addresses New Media art as a specific art historical movement, focusing not only on technologies and forms but also on thematic content and conceptual strategies. New Media art often involves appropriation, collaboration, and the free sharing of ideas and expressions, and frequently addresses the political ramifications of technology around issues of identity, commercialization, privacy, and the public domain.

Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century

Since the turn of the millennium, the Internet has evolved from what was merely a new medium to a true mass medium—with a deeper and wider cultural reach, greater opportunities for distribution and collaboration, and more complex corporate and political realities. Mapping a loosely chronological series of formative arguments, developments, and happenings, Mass Effect provides an essential guide to understanding the dynamic and ongoing relationship between art and new technologies.

Art and the Internet

Art and the Internet is a much-needed visual survey of art influenced by, situated on and taking the subject of the internet over the last two and a half decades. Featuring newly commissioned essays and interviews and a selection of reprinted essays and manifestos, Art and the Internet examines the legacy of the internet on art, and illuminates how artists and institutions are using it and why.

Art and Electronic Media

A timely survey that addresses the relationship between art and electronic technology, including mechanics, light, graphics, robots, virtual reality and the web.

Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art

An art-historical perspective on interactive media art that provides theoretical and methodological tools for understanding and analyzing digital art. Since the 1960s, artworks that involve the participation of the spectator have received extensive scholarly attention. Yet interactive artworks using digital media still present a challenge for academic art history. In this book, Katja Kwastek argues that the particular aesthetic experience enabled by these new media works can open up new perspectives for our understanding of art and media alike.

Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today

From the fall of the Berlin Wall to Black Lives Matter, the internet's promise to foster communication across borders and democratize information has evolved alongside its rapidly developing technologies. While it has introduced radical changes to how art is made, disseminated, and perceived, the internet has also inspired artists to create inventive and powerful work that addresses new conceptions of community and identity, modes of surveillance, and tactics for resistance.


The Art & Architecture Library houses books on creative technologies and new media art. Below is a list of subject headings that will link you to materials in these areas.

Art and technology

Art and the Internet

Computer art

Digital media

New media art

Sound art

Video art

Virtual reality



The Art & Architecture Library provides access to both print and electronic journals related to creative technologies and new media art. A select list is below. Use Discovery or databases for a more comprehensive selection.


Flash Art








The databases below feature content related to creative technologies and new media art. A full list of databases is available here

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