Resources for School of Education Extended Campus Students: Managing Citations

This guide is designed for School of Education students studying online and at extended campus locations

As you conduct research, you'll start to develop a large collection of PDFs and notes. Having an organizational system to keep track of these sources can be a huge timesaver. Even better, these tools, called citation managers, can also help you cite sources more easily in your papers. Check out the information below for a quick overview and a self-guided tutorial for one citation manager, Mendeley, as well as some guidance on APA citations. 

Introduction to Mendeley

Mendeley is a free citation manager available from Please note that you do not need to choose an institutional login; the software is free and Virginia Tech does not have an institutional license. It exists in both a desktop version and an online version. What makes Mendeley unique is that it's also a social network for academics. In addition, Mendeley suggests new citations to you based on what's in your library already. It also allows you the chance to share your library with others as well as annotate PDFs. 


Getting Started with Mendeley Workshop

APA 7th Edition Citation Basics

Virginia Tech supports additional citation managers beyond Mendeley. To learn more, check out this guide for additional information as well as ongoing training opportunities.