Resources for School of Education Extended Campus Students: Developing Search Terms

This guide is designed for School of Education students studying online and at extended campus locations

Finding relevant information requires effective search terms, and it's easier to develop effective search terms if you've thought about your topic a bit first. Check out the videos below for more guidance on topics and research questions as well as developing keywords. 

Topics vs. Research Questions

Developing Keywords

As you're thinking about your topic and developing search terms, staying organized is really important - while it's easy to think that you'll remember the search terms you've come up with, in all likelihood you'll forget by the time you have a chance to work on your search again. There are many ways you can stay organized and no single best way - you can keep hand-written notes, you can keep a record of your search in a Google or Word document - so experiment to find what works best for you. As long as you're keeping some sort of record, you will be better off than if you've kept no notes at all!