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Finding the full text of an article depends on what information you currently have.

Finding the full text of an article depends on what information you currently have:

Complete article citation

Use the Article Linker when you have a complete citation, including the journal title or ISSN, the volume/issue/number, page numbers and publication date. Enter all of your citation information in the Article Linker form (the numerical parts of your citation, including the date, are most important). You will hopefully get a link to the article online, or at least a link to the journal that contains the article (drill down using the articles volume, issue and page number to get to the specific article).

When print or microform copies of the journal are in our collection, links to the catalog record for these formats will be listed; you'll need to click through these links to see exactly which dates and volumes are available. Remember, you can use the ILLiad service to have articles from print journals scanned for you.

Finally, if neither online nor print access is available, use the link at the bottom to request the article from interlibrary loan.

Incomplete Article Citation

When you have an incomplete citation, such as just an article title, and therefore do not have sufficient information to find the full text, here are some strategies to use to find a more complete citation.

Return to the citing source

Return to the source that provided the citation to see if it provides a more complete citation. Perhaps you noted a reference in the text, while the complete citation is listed in a bibliography at the end.

Use Discovery Search

Because Discovery Search indexes content from many sources, you can search an article title or partial title and will likely get a result.

Search a discipline-specific database

Try searching the information you have, like the author or article title, in a subject specific databases . In addition to the complete citation, you may also find a link to the full text.

Search a general interest database

Sometimes date or search interface limitations of discipline-specific databases will not allow finding a more complete citation. Try using a general interest database like Academic Search Complete from EBSCOhost or and search on what information you have.

Ask a librarian

Do not hesitate to ask a librarian for assistance in finding a more complete citation.

Abbreviated journal title

Searching for articles on a topic

Searching for articles within a specific journal