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Welcome to our Patent and Trademark Resource Center!  You'll find some resources and examples to help get you started on patents and trademarks from finding existing intellectual property to connecting local resources.  Have questions or need more in depth help?  Reach out to our engineering librarian and PTRC representative for help!

Note: We are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice or conduct searches on your behalf.  We can connect you with resources and provide education on searching and more.  For more information see USPTO's overview on PTRCs, libraries throughout the country who support their local areas and beyond.

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USPTO offers weekly events, including training and webinars covering all sorts of topics related to intellectual property, inventions and businesses.  Look for their new Spanish training series too!

Image credits: IP image from; Patent image is Rubic's Cube, US# 4,378,116; Trademark image is a dead mark as of 1982 for a company