Patents and Trademarks: Quick Start

Looking to find patents or trademarks as part of a prior art search or researching IP?  Check out these top databases for finding national and international patents and trademarks.  Also check out USPTO's new IP Identifier - answer short set of questions to help figure out what types of intellectual property you might have or should have.

Make sure to take a look at the Patents and Trademarks pages in this guide for how to search and more databases!  Looking for disciplinary databases?  Be sure to check our A-Z Database List!

Find Patents & Trademarks

Learn about IP

USPTO regularly offers free webinars and other events:
  • Path to a Patent - 8 weekly webinars covering basics, searching, examination and more, offered quarterly
  • Trademark Basics Bootcamp - 8 weekly webinars covering basics, searching, and maintaining your mark, offered quarterly
  • Invention-Con - inspirational stories, resources and more at this annual event
And many more - sign up for updates from the USPTO events page!