Research Impact & Intelligence: Analysis and Consultations

A guide to our services in research intelligence and resources to learn more.

Research Impact & Intelligence Team

The Research Impact & Intelligence Team offers customized support to individual scholars / researchers, administrators, units, departments, and colleges. Our team offers the following services: 

  • In-person and virtual consultations to provide expert, data-driven support for strategic decision making and planning
  • Assisting individuals and groups with optimizing researcher visibility through the use of online researcher profiles and identifiers, connecting profiles, and increasing access to scholarship 
  • Providing background research; developing bibliometric and benchmarking studies; discovering and visualizing potential collaborators; and identifying campus-wide research strengths
  • Tracking, reporting, and interpreting bibliometrics and altmetrics data and visuals for individuals, research teams, departments, institutes, colleges, and others
  • Guidance on institutional responsible use of metrics, including issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and emphasizing the importance of transparency and contextuality in all research assessment practices. 

Email one of us (below) or email to schedule a consultation or request services. 

Director, Research Impact & Intelligence
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Connie Stovall
Research Impact Coordinator
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Rachel Miles
COE Research Analyst
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Sarah Over
Newman Library
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Blacksburg, VA 24061