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University Libraries Diversity Council: Past ULDC Funding Awardees

ULDC Funding Awardees

FY2023 Awardees

University Libraries Diversity Council funds are specifically for events or projects that cultivate and nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to be eligible for ULDC funds. Groups within the library and outside the library may apply for funds.

Name of group / awardee Purpose of funding
American Indian & Indigenous Community Center Native Fashion Show; also working on a historical native fashion exhibit to coincide in Solitude
VT Nahua Studies 5-week course on Nahua history and the Nahuatl language. Nahua peoples are Native to what is today Mexico and Central America.
Pamplin College of Business, Office for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Pamplin Women's Summit: in honor of Women's History Month, and inspired by 100 Years of Women at Virginia Tech, this will be a conference style summit hosted at the Inn at Virginia Tech, primarily to empower women students to use their voices with confidence, build community, and network with inspirational women in business.
The Black Cultural Center Black Women & Wellness Series: This project delves into women’s health and wellness, particularly women in the Black Community and Diaspora. The primary purpose of this project is to highlight care and wellness, particularly of Black women.
School of Performing Arts Indexing for a book of essays contracted with Oxford, titled Modeling Musical Analysis, which will serve as examples of historically marginalized composers for use in the classroom. This collection will bring together essays written by minoritized scholars who model analytical writing using a variety of music theories and genres from diverse regions of the world.
VTDITC: Hip Hop Studies at Virginia Tech VTDITC vol 38: Hip Hop & Service: for our 38th seminar series event, Michigan-based organizer/MC/DJ/b-boy/visual artist/educator Ozay Moore is joining our community to talk about the how Hip Hop culture is experiential, critical service learning in practice.
Virginia Tech Carilion SOM, Offices of Faculty Affairs and DEI

Dinner Dialogue: A Conversation with Under-Represented Faculty in Medicine: We will host a dinner meeting wherein we invite med school faculty from under-represented groups to dialogue with faculty and staff from DEI and faculty affairs. The primary purpose of the discussion is to gain further insights into how our school can more effectively recruit and retain faculty from URM (under-represented in medicine) groups.

MLK Jr. Celebration 2023 Keynote Speaker for MLK Jr. Celebration (Ruth Carter): best known for her Oscar-winning costume design work for the Black Panther film, as a keynote for the week. Carter's visionary work in the area of Afrofuturism invites us to consider the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in compelling new ways.
Megan Duncan, assistant professor, School of Communication Sports media and gender: Fifty years of Title IX: students will organize two panels of speakers who are experts or key players in Virginia Tech’s athletics history. This two hour event would include a total of six panelists discussing issues of gender and sports. It also will showcase the reporting and multimedia projects students in the course complete about Virginia Tech's athletics history.
University Libraries Diversity Council

Refreshments for ULDA announcements and ceremony at March Library Forum

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessments, group debrief, and individual debriefs for the ULDC members and library leadership; refreshments for the group debrief portion.


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