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University Libraries Diversity Council: University Libraries Diversity Council Funding Requests

Apply for Funding for your DEI Event

Applications for ULDC funding are now closed for the 2023 academic year (all funds have been spent). Please consider applying for funds for you DEI event, project, or program next year (after July 1, 2023). 

University Libraries Diversity Council funds are specifically for events or projects that cultivate and nurture diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to be eligible for ULDC funds. Groups within the library and outside the library may apply for funds. The ULDC is designated $4,000 per academic year in funding, and while there is no hard limit on the amount you can request, most funding requests are typically to help supplement the event or project rather than fund it in its entirety. Most funding requests are between $100 and $1,000. 

Please send your application for funding at least two weeks prior to the event/project deadline, but in order to be guaranteed that the funds are in your account before the event, you should put your request in eight weeks in advance.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and closed once all monies have been spent. However, all monies must be spent by April 15, so if your event is later in the spring, please go ahead and request funding. Funding can be approved for an event at any point in the academic year. 

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