Becoming a Professional III: Organizing

Use the tabs below to get to each section discussed in class

Use the tabs on this guide to access the three areas we discussed in class to help manage (or at least attempt to stay on top of) the deluge of information

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The tips listed here are for Gmail (for other email providers, check with their help information) 

Tools to help manage/organize email

Tools to help search your email: 

  • Use directive terms followed by colon and then the name of the folder/label to run your search in (otherwise will search "all mail" and bring results back regardless of where the message is stored):
    • in:sent
    • label:_inbox-vet-med-photo-contest
    • has:attachment
  • To search within the specified label/folder or to/from options, add search terms:
    • in:sent group study meeting
    • surgery notes
    • SAVMA
    • label:_inbox-vet-med-photo-contest equine entries
    • has:attachment workshop


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