BIOL 3764 - Careers in Microbiology: Find a Lab or Company

Find a Company

Some places you might start to find a company or non-profit organization that is investigating your microorganism and related process, and to find more information about a company that you identify include the same sources as above in 'Find a lab,' plus:

Find a Lab

Some places you might start to find a lab that has published important work on your microorganism and related process include:

  • Look at scholarly articles and research studies that you have found
    • Check the affiliation of the authors. Often the authors will be working together at a lab focused on related research, or one or more of them will have one or more projects in progress that may be described on their lab's website.
    • Check for funding sources noted in the article or as part of the article's record in a research database like PubMed or Web of Science - if the authors' research was funded by a particular grant or funding organization, that may lead you to a lab that you can include in this section (or possibly to a company or non-profit that you might use for the next section. Look at related funding / collaborating organizations or companies websites and search for the project that studied your microbe, or look at areas such as 'about us,' 'partners,' 'sponsors,' 'collaborators.'
    • Use the "Analyze Results" option in Web of Science and select the category "Affiliations" to quickly see which lab the research is being published from.
  • CRIS (Current Research Information System) (USDA)
  • Use Google or another web search engine and search the name of your microbe along with words such as: research center, institute, laboratory, etc.

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