BIOL 3764 - Careers in Microbiology: Getting Started

Tips for Using Library Resources

This guide will walk you through the process of searching for, selecting, accessing, and using the research resources that you need for BIOL 4764, Microbiology Senior Seminar, and beyond!  

This is not the main library website, but you can easily access that here:

A few tips to get you started:

1.  Reach a librarian in-person or by chat, text, phone, or email at AskALibrarian. Or, contact your liaison librarian directly!

2.  If you're doing research from off campus, find out more about Off Campus Access options like Google Scholar Settings or the LibKey Nomad Browser Extension. The PubMed Tip Handout on this guide's 'Recommended Databases' page will set you up for maximum full text options in PubMed.

3.  Use the library search on the University Libraries home page (powered by Ebsco Discovery Search (EDS)) to conduct a Google-like search of most of our library resources - both online and print. While it's not a disciplinary database, like the others that I recommend to you on the 'Selecting a Database' page, it can help you gain a broad overview of a particular research topic or question. 

4.  When searching via the Library search, Google Scholar, or any of the databases that I recommend, break your research question into keywords, rather than typing in the entire sentence or question.  See the Search Strategies page on this guide for examples, or Click here to read more about strategies for creating good keyword searches.  

5.  Use the Biological Sciences Subject Guide or other library subject guides to identify additional relevant databases. 

6.  When trying to access articles and other resources, look for the Get VText icon:


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