PSYC 1094: Researching Responsibly

This course guide highlights core resources for Principles of Psychology Research, and corresponds to activities during PSYC 1094 library sessions.

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Rachel Miles

Case Studies

Case Study: Tragedy at Johns Hopkins

Read the following (brief) news story.

Be prepared to:

1.  Summarize the main points

2.  Consider what you might have done differently in the situation, if you were the researcher in the story


Case Study 2:  Who's Afraid of Peer Review?

Listen to the following news story:

(You can also read the full story, published in Science, here:


1.  What does this story mean to you?

2.  When you're doing research, how can you tell which articles (and journals) are trustworthy?

3.  Compare Open Journal of Preventive Medicine with PLOS Medicine.  Which journal seems more trustworthy?  Why?