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Historical primary sources online: Virginia Resources

Multipart guide to VT Libraries' many digital archives, whether based on types of sources or thematic collections.

Data Portals

  • Albemarle County Geospatial Data
    Our office offers several County-based GIS Data Layers in various file formats (usually ESRI shapefile format) that are intended to be used in third party software. This page allows you to download these layers to a computer.

  • Alexandria (City of) Geospatial Data
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) centrally manages, shares and analyzes information about locations through specialized mapping technology. This information increases transparency, improves many City technology applications and provide critical data to decision makers and the public.

  • Arlington County Geospatial Data
    The geographic data layers produced by the Arlington County GIS Mapping Center are provided as a public resource. The County's data is maintained in the Virginia State plane north, NAD 83, US Feet (WKID 2283). The data downloaded from this site will be in WGS84.

  • Bedford County Geospatial Data
    Bedford Virginia's GIS Open Data Page purpose is to make Bedford, VA's authorative GIS data available to the public. Use this site to search, view, and download GIS data in multiple formats.

  • Blacksburg (Town of) Geospatial Data
    This site is a joint venture between the Town of Blacksburg and the Virginia Tech Libraries. These GIS layers are available in a ESRI shapefile format to be used with a GIS software package.

  • Campbell County Geospatial Data
    Campbell County provide access to GIS data online. Gis data can be downloaded from the internet.

  • Charlottesville (City of) Geospatial Data
    The City of Charlottesville provide GIS data to the public for downloading.

  • Chesapeake (City of) Geospatial Data
    Welcome to the City of Chesapeake, VA's Open GIS Data site! A one-stop shop for authoritative spatial data. Browse by category or search for specific layers. Preview features and attributes. Filter by geographic area or attribute value. Download data in your choice of format from shapefile to GeoJSON. 

  • Chesterfield County Geospatial Data
    Welcome to Chesterfield County’s Open GeoSpace. Search for county datasets that include Addresses, Parcels, Subdivisions and more. 

  • Christiansburg Geospatial Data
    Please email: to request any geospatial/mapping data that you need to use with GIS software.. The town's WebGIS is available where you can view addresses, streets and tax parcels online. Static maps are available for various layers in a PDF format.

  • Fairfax County Geospatial Data
    Fairfax County, Virginia offers over 170 GIS data layers to view and/or download.

  • Falls Church (City of) Geospatial Data
    This site provides access to all of our published open data. ArcGIS Open Data can help you track environmental concerns across the globe or all the hiking trails in your community. With ArcGIS Open Data, you can view it, map it, style it, chart it, download it or share it. 

  • Fauquier County Geospatial Data
    Fauquier County GIS data download site.

  • Henrico County Geospatial Data
    This site provides access to GIS data for parcels, planning, transportation and more. Data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet, shapefile or KML.

  • Lynchburg (City of) Geospatial Data
    The Open Data Portal provides access to over 100 GIS and related datasets. It features an easy to use search, access to a wider collection of data, and it even allows you to preview the data before you download it. All data on the Open Data Portal is available for download in a variety of formats. In addition to downloadable GIS data, we also offer access to GIS data, aerial imagery, basemaps, layers, and analysis through our public map services.

  • Middlesex County Geospatial Data
    Middlesex County GIS data is now available for download in shapefile format. Files are provided 'as-is' and you will need the appropriate software (not provided) to view these files.

  • Montgomery County Geospatial Data
    This platform provides public access to web map applications and GIS data layers for Montgomery County VA. Use this site to search and explore GIS layers and applications readily available for use and/or download. We appreciate your patience as GIS staff continues to add and organize content to serve public needs.  

  • Norfolk (City of) Geospatial Data
    This site contains various spatial data that can be used by anyone with an interest in geographic information systems (GIS) data for their applications. The City's datasets are updated regularly  and can be downloaded or accessed for free from this site. 

  • Prince William County Geospatial Data
    Welcome to PWC GIS Data Portal. The PWC GIS Data Portal is the platform used to increase public access to valuable GIS data created, maintained, licensed, and stored by Prince William County for county agencies and the people we serve.

  • Radford (City of) Geospatial Data
    Welcome to the City of Radford geographic information system (GIS) web portal. Try out the different web GIS applications to see which one best suites your needs. We try to keep the data as up-to-date as possible and are continuously working to improve the user interfaces. The GIS Department for Radford City provides GIS services, GIS data, Enterprise database management and other spatial resources related to information technology, infrastructure, property and asset management. Please contact Jennifer Whiteis for problems with GIS or assistance, GIS services, and GIS data. For engineering requests, please contact the Engineering Department.

  • Richmond (City of) Geospatial Data
    Data sharing is central to the success of GIS in the City of Richmond. Customer service is one of the City's top priorities, so the GIS Team is committed to getting you what you need. We are now able to provide our GIS data as a FREE service, via downloads from the FTP site.  

  • Roanoke (City of) Geospatial Data
    This site provides public access to the City of Roanoke GIS basemapping data including Real Estate Data.

  • Roanoke County Open Geospatial Data
    Our GIS Open Data Portal features downloadable data sets for a variety of categories, including environmental, infrastructure, transportation, future landuse, public safety and more!
    Roanoke County Geospatial Data
    Roanoke County offers topographic mapping files to download.

  • Rockingham County Geospatial Data
    The most common GIS Data is now available in shape file format from our GIS Data Download page.

  • Salem (City of) Geospatial Data
    The City of Salem Engineering and Inspections Department offers various maps and information available for download.

  • Spotsylvania County Geospatial Data
    All files found on this page are zipped shapefiles (ArcGIS ,Version 10.3.1) unless noted otherwise . Spotsylvania County GIS data uses NAD 83,  Virginia State Plane North, US Survey Feet projection unless specified otherwise.

  • Stafford County Geospatial Data
    This site serves as a data depository on land boundaries and geographic data.

  • Staunton (City of) Geospatial Data
    Downloadable copies of the city's recent aerial photos, topographic maps, tax and utility map files, and other maps of interest are offered through our division’s FTP site free of charge. Please note that all files are in AUTOCAD or MrSid format and can only be opened in programs using these formats.

  • Virginia Beach (City of) Geospatial Data
    The City's Enterprise GIS Agencies welcome you to our ArcGis online presence.

  • Virginia Governmental Agencies
    This is a list of all governmental agencies within the state of Virginia. Some of these agencies will have downloadable geospatial data. content.

  • Virginia GIS Clearinghouse
    Virginia's Statewide GIS Clearinghouse hosted by the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) and the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA). The GIS Clearinghouse is a repository of geospatial data produced and used by state agencies in Virginia, localities in Virginia, our federal partners, non-profits, and colleges and universities in Virginia.

  • Virginia Tech GIS Data (VT Facilities)
    Virginia Tech Facilities Dept. maintains geographic information systems (GIS) data for the university. The Virginia Tech Libraries has entered into a partnership with Facilities to distribute some of their most commonly requested gis layers: boundary, buildings, 5ft. contours, roads centerlines & parcels. Only Virginia Tech students, faculty & staff  can access this data from a university IP address. To download these layers , please connect to the University Libraries Virginia Tech Facilities GIS Data Google site.To report problems with downloading any of the data or have questions/need help with the use of this data,  please contact the library Geospatial Data Services.

  • Waynesboro (City of) Geospatial Data
    Downloadable Maps and GIS Data. The City's Enterprise GIS Agencies welcome you to our ArcGis online presence. File formats currently available for download include static JPEG image files [.jpg] and Esri Shapefiles.

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