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Collection management policies

The University Libraries at Virginia Tech acquire only a small percentage of the world’s annual output of publications. In selecting materials for inclusion in our collections, we endeavor first to identify those resources which relate to university programs and support the university’s goals in research, teaching, and service. While disciplines and languages not taught at the university are represented selectively, the entire range of human cultural practice, scientific endeavor, and religious, political, ethnic, and social expression is welcome in our collections, insofar as representative materials may be acquired with available resources.

After acquiring library materials, our primary concern is with the accessibility of these materials. We are strongly committed to the principles of intellectual freedom expressed in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and supporting documents in the ALA Policy Manual. This includes the rejection of practices that deny or restrict access to materials, or that involve the prejudicial labeling or rating of library materials. In accordance with intellectual freedom principles, we have chosen to protect selected items by placing on Reserve materials deemed to be most at risk. Here, these resources may be kept accessible, yet protected from theft and damage.

Approved Nov. 18, 2010