Health Sciences: Special Topics & Exhibits

This guide provides resources, services, and tools of interest to VT researchers investigating health topics and initiatives, including across disciplines and VT Beyond Boundaries' areas: 'Integrated Health and Wellness,' and 'The Adaptive Brain.'

Special Topics

As we develop this guide, we'll use this Special Topics page to link to project areas of interest in health research at VT, and to highlight trending issues and current events. We'll link to each page below:

One Health

Native Voices - Online Exibit and Resources about Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness

Community Health

Consumer Health

Disaster Medicine 

Population Health Sciences - seeks to improve the health of populations and communities in southwest and southside Virginia, the Commonwealth, Central Appalachia, the nation, and beyond by training future public health leaders

Intellectual Property Guides to leverage your rights and meet your responsibilities as an author and consumer

Librarians for Health Research

Health Sciences Library Locations Librarians
Collaborative Librarians
  • Anne Brown, Science Informatics Consultant & Health Analytics Coordinator

  • Jackson Hoch, Evidence Synthesis Resident Librarian -- health specialization: liaison to Human Nutrition Foods & Exercise

  • Inga Haugen, Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Scholarly Communication Librarian -- health specialization: plants, soils, Extension, ag econ, ag tech, entomology, food science, and biological systems engineering.

  • Amanda MacDonald, Undergraduate Research Services Librarian -- health specialization: Human Development 

  • Rachel Miles, Research Impact Librarian -- health specialization: Neuroscience, Psychology

Whole Health and One Health are transdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary endeavors. Identify and Contact additional VT Librarians who specialize in and support researchers in delving into areas such as politics and policy, natural resources and the environment, social sciences, the arts, and more.