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VTCSOM Library & Learning Commons: Equipment

Equipment information

The VTCSOM Library offers several types of technology and equipment to support teaching and research.

If you have questions or would like to recommend we provide additional equipment/technology, please email

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General Guidelines

  • Equipment is only able to be loaned out when the library is staffed. 
  • Equipment is to be returned to library staff. 
    • Any damage or loss of equipment placed in the book drop bin or left out is the responsibility of the borrower and may incur fines to repair damage or full replacement costs. 
  • Typically only one piece of equipment by type may be checked out at a time (e.g. a student can check out one laptop). Faculty and staff may be able to check out multiple pieces of equipment (e.g. multiple laptops) by by first contacting the Library at and reserving the equipment for their need.
  • Damaged or lost equipment may be billed to the borrower's Bursar account.

Equipment available for loan

Equipment type/name Circulation period What it's for Who can borrow
Over-ear headphones 4 hours Playing audio (to yourself) in the library Anyone
Chargers 4 hours iPhone, iPad, Android, Macbook, USB-C compatible laptops Anyone
Adapters 4 hours Hooking up HDMI or USB-C to monitors or other peripherals Anyone
USB Flash drives 4 hours Saving work on library computers or checkout laptops Anyone
Projector 2 days Presentations, etc. when no A/V equipment is present VTCSOM and VT
Dell Laptop(s) 7 days Temporary replacements, use on campus, etc. VTCSOM and VT
Logitech webcam 7 days Meetings, presentations, etc. VTCSOM and VT
Blue Snowball Microphone 7 days Recording presentations, podcasting, etc. VTCSOM and VT
Sony Camcorder 7 days Recording events, presentations, etc. VTCSOM and VT
Tripod 7 days Recording events, presentations, etc. VTCSOM and VT
Wacom Bamboo Stylus 7 days Writing or drawing on tablets VTCSOM and VT
Noise-cancelling headphones 3 days Playing audio (to yourself) in the library VTCSOM only
Ultrasound machines** 3 days Practice or instruction/training VTCSOM only
Ergonomic chairs 1 day Studying in or outside VTCSOM library VTCSOM only
** To check out an ultrasound machine, you will also fill out a user log each time a machine is borrowed and returned.