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The VT Neuroscience program focuses on advances in genetic, cellular, molecular, cognitive and systems Neuroscience.

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Welcome to the Neuroscience Subject Guide! 

This is Rachel Miles, your Neuroscience liaison librarian (see my photo and contact info below). Contact me anytime with questions, or to set up a project consultation - for yourself individually, or for groups ( Below are recommended resources to get started on Neuroscience research.

Tip 1: For library services check out the VT Libraries home page 

Tip 2: For Off Campus Access to library resources be sure to start at the VT Library website so that you'll be asked to sign in for subscription sources like Web of Science database, ebooks, or articles. Additionally, try a) setting your Google Scholar preferences for 'Library Links' to all the options for Virginia Tech, b) try out the LibKey Nomad Browser Extension (Chrome & Firefox), c) if using a browser other than Chrome or Firefox, follow instructions in this PubMed Tip handout to set your preferences in PubMed for configuring links to full text.

Tip 3: See the Searching Strategies page on this guide for tips and tricks to get best results in library research databases

NEUR 1004: See these slides on navigating the library website, searching PubMed, and exporting data from PubMed to make a graph for the number of publications per year for a research topic (part of your assignment). There is also a video on this, but it uses the old PubMed interface and does not include information on a couple of the points about the assignment.

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