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Library Help: English: Research Help

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To sign up for an appointment during my regularly-scheduled office hours, please follow the link to my calendar. If none of those times work, please email me to find another time. 


Developing at Topic

Developing your research topic is a continuous process. Watch this video from NCSU Libraries to help you get started. Then, use the news sources below to start exploring potential topics. 

Keyword Creation

Choosing a Resource

The library has a lot of resources - how do you choose? Check out the chart below for more information. 

Citation Chaining with Google Scholar

Once you've found one article that interests you, an easy way to find similar articles is to check out who has cited the original article. Google Scholar makes it really easy to find these other articles. 

Start at the Google Scholar homepage ( and enter the name of the article in quotation marks (see below). 

From the results list, you should see the article you're looking for. To see which other articles have cited it since its publication, click on "Cited by ---" (highlighted below). 

Now you have a new results list of articles related to the original article. 

Peer Review Explained

Has your instructor asked you to find peer-reviewed articles? Maybe he or she used the term scholarly, academic, or refereed? Watch this video from NCSU Libraries to find out more about what that means.