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Open Education: Grantees Showcase

A "getting started" guide overviewing open, editable, and lower-cost textbooks and open teaching & learning resources for faculty, students, and librarians.

Stephen Skripak - Fundamentals of Business (2015-16)

Steven Ellingson - Electromagnetics (2016-17)

Electromagnetics, Volume 1 Beta and Volume 1 (CC BY SA 4.0) by Steven W. Ellingson  (author homepage)

Read the blog post      Access the beta version. | Access Volume 1. 

Buy a print copy of the beta version at cost of printing        A print version of Volume 1 is forthcoming.

Cover of Electromagnetics Volume 1 beta (This title has been superseded)       

Electromagnetics Volume 1 (Beta) by Steven W. Ellingson is a 224 page, freely available, peer-reviewed, full color, print and digital open educational resource. It is intended to serve as a primary textbook for a one-semester first course in undergraduate engineering electromagnetics within the third year of a bachelor of science degree program.
The book is the work of Steven W. Ellingson, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, in collaboration with the Scholarly Communication office of Virginia Tech’s University Libraries and VT Publishing. As collaborators with Ellingson, the University Libraries provided grant funding, overall project management, guidance on open licensing, attribution, student works, formats and styles, managed development and production processes, coordinated peer review, reviewed manuscripts (editorial and technical), provided technical specifications, and navigated print and distribution solutions.

Published: January 3, 2018

ISBN 978-0-9979201-2-3

Cover credit: Robert Browder | Cover image: (c) Michelle Yost. Total Internal Reflection is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license (cropped by Robert Browder)

- Poster presentation: Adaptable Course Materials: Creating an Open Textbook for Electromagnetics (February 15, 2018) 

- Author & editor [video] presentation from the 2018 Virginia Tech Author Recognition Event (starts 19:49) (March 21, 2018)

Michael Nappier - The Digital Dog (2016-17)

                   Picture of opening slide The Normal Canine: Head and Neck exam  


There's more coming!  Read more about the project and the grant funds that supported it here.