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Reference sheets

Overview of AIAA publications

The AIAA publishes books, journals and conference papers (often jointly with other engineering societies). Individual conference papers are published within conference proceedings for specific conferences, and are also part of the AIAA paper series. The AIAA paper series contains most papers presented at AIAA conferences, with each paper being given an AIAA Paper Number. Because of the dual publishing format, (paper series and conference proceedings), AIAA paper citations may be received in either of the two forms.

Retrieving AIAA papers

Citations for AIAA papers

If the paper is not available in the database above, and your citation uses the AIAA Paper Number from the AIAA paper series, retrieve the paper from the VT AIAA paper series holdings at TL501 A688 A22x. If the paper is not available from our holdings of the AIAA paper series, use either of the following resources to determine if the paper was presented at a conference. If it was, use Addison to see if we have the conference in paper format.

This provides information on many AIAA technical papers. This database provides a longer backfile than the Aerospace Database mentioned above, but does not index all AIAA papers.

Citation as a conference paper

It's possible that the cite may be to a conference such as A collection of technical papers / AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference. A title or author search on the conference name can be used to locate the proceedings. If the proceedings is not available, it is still possible that the paper can be retrieved from the AIAA paper series using the AIAA Paper Number.

If the AIAA Paper Number is not included in the citation, find the number using one of the sources mentioned above.