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Researcher Profiles and Identifiers: ImpactStory

Learn how to set up, maintain, and link together key researcher profiles and identifiers, such as ORCID iD and Scopus Author Profile.

About ImpactStory

ImpactStory is a profile (not networking) tool that can be used by researchers who want to know more about the engagement with their research beyond citation impact, such as how many times their work has been downloaded and shared, and also by research funders who are interested in the impact of research beyond only considering citations to journal articles. 

Its metrics also provide context to the numbers by allowing you to view percentiles for comparison, like these

It is free to create an ImpactStory account, but it does first require that you have a Twitter account to register. You can also integrate ORCID with ImpactStory, which allows you to easily see all the online engagement with all your research in one spot (without any manual entry - so long as you have a populated ORCID iD).