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Scholarly Profiles and Identifiers

Learn how to set up, maintain, and link together key researcher profiles and identifiers, such as ORCID iD and Scopus Author Profile.

Develop your own professional / personal website


Professional and personal websites can help highlight your work in a more creative and unique way. Potential employers, collaborators, and media can find your work, understand your professional abilities and skills better, and find your individual scholarly and creative works more easily. You can organize your website in a variety of ways, such as: research projects, people (involved in your projects), publications / scholarly works, contact, media, and more. 

Here are some examples of professional websites created by Virginia Tech faculty: 


Anyone who wants to showcase their work, skills, projects, scholarly & creative works, and professional personality can have their own website. 


While there are many free options available for web hosting (listed and linked below), most require you to purchase a monthly subscription to get the guarantee of an ad-free website, security and privacy, and more options in terms of themes and styles. 

You do not need to have any previous skills or knowledge of HTML or CSS to create a website; the hosting platform are designed for you to choose themes and/or drag and drop elements to your website for its design. 


There are a number of hosting platforms to set up and maintain a personal or professional website: