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Scholarly Profiles and Identifiers

Learn how to set up, maintain, and link together key researcher profiles and identifiers, such as ORCID iD and Scopus Author Profile.

Benefits of Google Scholar Profile

Benefits of Google Scholar Profile

  • Increased online visibility and discoverability
  • Potential increase in research impact via publication views, downloads, and citations
  • Control your online presence, such as:

When researchers/users find your works on Google Scholar, they will be able to click on your name and view your profile as well as discover other scholarly works authored by you.

Google Scholar record with an author's name circled that can be selected

Example of a Google Scholar Profile and the works listed

In addition to browsing other works by the author, the user can also choose to follow the author and receive email alerts when new works are added to the author's profile:

Follow an author on Google Scholar and receive alerts of new articles by the author

They'll also be able to discover your co-authors and discover more related research in your collaborative networks: 

Co-authors listed on a Google Scholar Profile