Animal Sciences: APSC 4004

Animal and poultry science at Virginia Tech highlights resources most commonly used by those studying the following aspects of animal and poultry sciences: husbandry, management, nutrition, behavior, genetics, and reproduction.

This guide includes the in-class worksheet that is used in APSC 4004 as well as two other worksheets and videos help you conduct research about your topic in order to find, use, and incorporate appropriate sources for your course projects.

In-class Worksheets and Activities

Topic Development

This worksheet includes:

  • Developing a topic
  • Creating research questions
  • Generating keywords
  • Creating search statements
  • Selecting a database to search
  • Searching for information (recording results)

Summarizing Activity

Once you've been assigned to your group animal,  open the following document:

Click on your group's respective assigned Google Doc and submit your summary there.

Citation Activity

Provide an in-text citation and bibliography following the citation style template provided in the link below into your group's summary in your respective assigned Google Doc:

Additional Worksheets to Help with your Research (not used in class)

Helpful Videos

About Peer Review

Defining Types of Scholarly Articles

Why We Cite

A Comment on Common Knowledge