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Animal and poultry science at Virginia Tech highlights resources most commonly used by those studying the following aspects of animal and poultry sciences: husbandry, management, nutrition, behavior, genetics, and reproduction.


There are a number of journals that cover animal science, these are just a few that are commonly used and are provided as examples of starting points.  

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Journal of Animal Science
Articles published in JAS encompass a broad range of research topics in animal production and fundamental aspects of genetics, nutrition, physiology, and preparation and utilization of animal products.

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(from 2007 to 1 year ago; request more recent content through Interlibrary Loan).
Publishes innovative and cutting-edge science that relates to animals used for animal production, and that is relevant to whole animal outcomes, and/or to animal management practices. 

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Animal Science
Published for the British Society of Animal Science, geared for those involved in the fields of animal science, animal biology and animal production. Earlier title "Animal Production" from 1959-1994.

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Animal Behaviour 
International publication and has wide appeal, containing critical reviews, original papers, and research articles on all aspects of animal behaviour. Earlier title "British Journal of Animal Behaviour" from 1953-1957.

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Animal Genetics
Reports frontline research on immunogenetics, molecular genetics and functional genomics of economically important and domesticated animals.

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Animal Reproduction Science 
Publishes original research and timely reviews on topics relating to reproduction and fertility in animals.

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Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 
Publishes original articles by international scientists on genomic selection, and any other topic related to breeding programmes, selection, quantitative genetic, genomics, diversity and evolution of domestic animals.

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Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 
(1997-present; request earlier content through Interlibrary Loan)
Publishes original papers in the fields of animal physiology, biochemistry and physiology of nutrition, animal nutrition, feed technology and preservation (when related to animal nutrition).

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Livestock Science 
(2006-present;request earlier content through Interlibrary Loan)
Promotes the sound development of the livestock sector by publishing original, peer-reviewed research and review articles covering all aspects of this broad field.


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