Animal Sciences: Business/Production

Animal and poultry science at Virginia Tech highlights resources most commonly used by those studying the following aspects of animal and poultry sciences: husbandry, management, nutrition, behavior, genetics, and reproduction.

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Business/Industry aspects of Animal Science

Knowing what is going on in the industry/business sector is an important part of animal science. The sources listed here are starting points to find current prices on livestock as outputs, as well as costs of inputs (feedstuffs).

National Associations

There are several associations across each animal production system, as well as certain breed associations.  Below are just a few examples of associations at the National level to provide ideas of groups you may want to contact regarding business and production topics:

Virginia Extension Publications

Cooperative Extension also provides several documents regarding a variety of aspects related to animal production.  Below are examples for Virginia, though other states will have similar publications as well. Check with your local Extension Agent/Office for more information.

Business Databases

In addition to the databases listed on the Overview page, a few key business databases that cover aspects of livestock production, trade publications, and industry outlooks include:

Additional business databases can be found at:

State Associations

There are several associations at the state level across each animal production system. Below are just a few examples of associations for the state of Virginia, check with other states to see if they have one at that level.  There are also several local clubs and associations, most of which can be found by contacting your local Extension Agent/Office.