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Virginia Tech uses an activities data system to collect and manage information about research and scholarship, creative works, teaching, extension, outreach, and service activities.

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Elements Workshop Slides

Elements Workshop Slides
Information on reviewing pre-existing information starts on slide 10

Review Pre-Existing Information in Elements

Elements imports information from a number of systems and databases, some of which cannot be deleted, such as grant data from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). It is important that you review the information for accuracy and request changes from the correct individual to make changes, such as changes to your prefix or rank, which can only be made by your department Banner representative.


Courses taught at Virginia Tech have been fed into the system from Banner and will be updated at the end of each semester. Other teaching activities, such as invited lectures and courses taught as adjuncts at other universities will need to be added manually. 

If you want to correct the underlying data in Banner, you will need to contact your department Banner representative to correct or update courses data.


Information about grants is fed into the system from the Office of Sponsored Programs monthly. Note: If a grant or contract appears in your profile with "No data provided", that means that the funder has restricted publicity about that project.

If you want to correct the underlying grant data in imported from the OSP, you will need to contact OSP directly to make the changes.

Preferred Name & Pronouns ►

If you use a different name for your scholarly work than the name that appears in Banner, you can indicate a Preferred Name and Pronouns by going to Menu > My Profile > Settings > Account Settings and scrolling to Preferred Name and Pronouns. Be sure to select 'Update' after you type your preferences in the fields.

Prefix & Rank ►

The prefix field (Mr/Ms/Dr) and the rank field (position, e.g., 'Assistant Professor') are populated by Banner. 

Your department Banner representative can change your prefix and rank field. You can let them know the names of the fields and where they are imported:

  • For the prefix, the field is called spbpers_name_prefix on the screen PPAIDEN.
  • The field data is imported from the Banner university functional title field, found on the PWADREM and the PWAVTTL form in Banner.

Once the information is updated in Banner, the update should appear in Elements by the next business day.

Data from Digital Measures 

If you used the Digital Measures EFAR system in the past, information about scholarly activities and service activities has been imported for you. You should review all of this information for accuracy and make corrections if necessary. In particular, date information for conference papers and presentations may not have imported correctly and may need to be updated.

Updating / Correcting Banner & OSP Data 

Data imported from Banner and Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) cannot be deleted or edited. While it is possible to add a manual record, the record source from OSP will take precedence over any manual record so that will not correct information in reports. Corrections to OSP data either need to be done at the source, by talking with OSP, or in a downloaded report - all reports from the University Data Commons (UDC) are provided in editable formats.