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Resources Available to VMCVM Alumni: Vet Med:
Open Books & Other Resources

This resource provides resources that are available to all Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine alumni along with additional information for options on accessing content not available freely through these sources.

Open Books

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals

This textbook includes basic principles of large animal surgery and anesthesia, how to apply those principles to cases and situations, and discover ways of finding answers when you don’t remember the information, are presented with cases that aren’t “textbook” and/or things don’t go as planned.

Open Book Collections

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Open Online Tools

BestBETs for Vets

Supports veterinary clinicians in making evidence-based decisions. A BET is a simple review of the current best evidence available to answer very common and specific clinical questions. (c) University of Nottingham


Provided by Cornell University, this site provides a "diagnostic support system that can be used to suggest possible diagnoses or causes for clinical signs and to provide a brief synopsis of the diagnosis/cause."

eClinPath, from Cornell University

An online educational resource on veterinary clinical pathology.

Visual Guides of Animal Reproduction

Originally known as The Drost Project, this site provides a compilation of reproduction images of 7 species.

Other Sources