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Resources Available to VMCVM Alumni: About Alumni Library Portal sign in

This resource provides resources that are available to all Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine alumni along with additional information for options on accessing content not available freely through these sources.

The Virginia Tech Libraries has licensed a small selection of databases (sources of journal articles and ebooks) for use by Virginia Tech alumni. While most of our databases are licensed solely for use by current students, faculty, and staff, these select databases combined with our vetted list of freely accessible, scholarly databases and the licensed databases available to you through your local public library provide a wealth of academic, consumer, and business publications and data.

We control access to these select licensed resources through the Alumni Library Portal Sign In service. By authenticating with your PID and password, and your second factor, the databases will recognize you as a Virginia Tech alumnus and allow access to their content that is included in our subscription (we don't necessarily have access to everything through a given database).

There is no need to sign in prior to use. Simply click the link to the database and the standard university login screen will appear.

Problems with Alumni Library Portal sign in access

See the Alumni Library Portal Sign In Frequently Asked Questions if you have any problems using the service.