VetTRAC: Finding Sources to Search

Course guide for the summer VetTRAC program.

On the previous tab, we just scratched the surface on where you can go to find information.  The University Libraries provides access to several hundred databases covering a multitude of topics. 

Below are a few subject guides that helps bring together resources for a variety of aspects related to animal and veterinary sciences.  The first tab includes general databases, additional tabs provide sources related to specific aspects. 

Veterinary Medicine Subject Guide

Animal & Poultry Sciences Subject Guide

Dairy Science Subject Guide

If your topic covers another subject area (e.g. business aspects to run a farm, or engineering aspects to create new devices) check out our full list of subject guides and pick the area that seems most applicable to locate information related to those areas that can also be used to inform you about additional aspects of your topic. 

You can also use the Veterinary Medicine Library's home page to locate additional databases we have access to, specific journal titles, as well as a "discovery search" and a few other options for how to find and access materials while you are here.  

Ask a Librarian

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If you need help, please either stop by the Veterinary Medicine Library, or use the "ask a librarian" service to chat with someone about your questions.