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Alumni accessible databases

This list includes licensed, open access, and freely accessible databases that provide scholarly articles, consumer publications, business reports, and government documents that Virginia Tech alumni can access.


restricted to current virginia tech users Resource is restricted to current Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff. 

license for virginia tech alumni use Resource is licensed for Virginia Tech alumni access. Use Alumni Library Portal sign in to access.

freely accessible Freely accessible database, available to anyone without restriction.

provided by viva Sponsored by VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia.

open access gold Resource provides open access publishing opportunities and open access publications.

open access green Resource provides self archiving opportunities and open access documents.

Freely accessible databases

Listed here are databases that have no access restrictions (you don't need to be a current student to search them). Some databases provide free access to only a part of their content; check the database description for details.

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Access online databases at your local library

May require registration with your local library

These databases are licensed for use by Virginia Tech alumni through the Alumni Library Portal sign in proxy.