Psychology: References

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior and the psychological, social, and biological processes related to that behavior. Virginia Tech's curriculum emphasizes methods of conducting research and understanding behavioral data.

References in APA Style

Basic Principles

Every cited source in your academic paper or essay must be listed on the reference page(s); references that are not cited in your paper should not be listed in the references. 

Tips and rules: 

  • Begin on a separate page
  • The word "References" should be at the top of the page, centered, and bolded.
  • Keep it double-spaced (same as the rest of your paper or essay)
  • List the sources in alphabetical order by the first word of each entry (e.g., first author's last name, name of the organization).
  • Look up the formatting for each type of source you list in your references - each source has a different format in the reference list. 
    • Do not memorize this! Look up the formatting for each different source using the sources provided on this guide. 
    • If you use a reference generator, make sure you double-check for errors - these often occur! 
  • For article titles, capitalize only the first letter of the the first word, proper nouns, acronyms (all letters capitalized), and the first letter of the subtitle (found after the colon)

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