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VTechWorks: Search and Browse

This is a user's guide to the Virginia Tech online repository, VTechWorks.

How to find things in VTechWorks

You can search specific fields, i.e., author, title, keyword, date issues, and type of content (e.g., videos), or you can do a general search of the whole repository.

You can browse by communities (e.g., College of Science, Department of English, etc.) and collections (e.g., Vaccine Research Group, Feiertag Hospitality Academy-to-Industry Research, Southern Industrial Educational Association, research centers, Destination and Strategic Growth Areas, etc.).

  • Type a word or phrase in the "Search" box at the top to search the entire repository
  • To search for Authors, Titles, Subjects, and Issue Date: under the Browse label

Searching in VTechWorks

On the VTechWorks homepage you can search by entering any term or phrase in the box in the upper right corner. (if you enter nothing and hit the search button, you get the option to See Advanced Filters [see below]). Below the homepage search box, you can choose to search or browse within

  • Communities & Collections
  • By Issue Date
  • Authors
  • Titles
  • Subjects

You also have the option of refining your search by facets such Content Type (e.g., video, abstract, presentation, dissertation).

Advanced Filters offers 15 "filters" and boolean operators.

Within some collections there are collection-specific facets. For example, within the ETD collection you can browse/search by

  • Department
  • Committee Chair
  • Degree Level

Selecting the gear icon will give you options for sorting the results and how many results to display per page.

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