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VTechWorks: Elements

This is a user's guide to the Virginia Tech online repository, VTechWorks.

Elements Deposit to VTechWorks

While working in Elements (the EFARS, Electronic Faculty Activity Reporting System, linked from the Provost's website) faculty can add (i.e., "direct deposit") their publications, presentations, etc. to VTechWorks.

How to:

In Elements, select the Menu tab, and then select "Publications." At the far right of the "My publications" screen, click on "Add a new publication

EFARS add-a-publication button




In Elements, select the Menu tab, and then select "Publications." On the "My publications" screen, find the item that you want to deposit. Look for the pale blue icon with an up arrow in the row of icons for that entry. Click on that icon to navigate to the Deposit page. Review the instructions and deposit advice, then upload the file to be deposited. The Elements record will be linked with the item in VTechWorks.

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