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VTechWorks: How VTechWorks Benefits Researchers

This is a user's guide to the Virginia Tech online repository, VTechWorks.

Research in VTechWorks:

  • is widely available, i.e., free to anyone with an Internet connection.
  • is easily discovered because it is indexed by Google, Google Scholar, WorldCat, the Virginia Tech website, and the VT Libraries search engine. It is also indexed by Microsoft Academic, BASE, CORE, Unpaywall, Open Access Button, and SHARE. [BASE can be used to populate your ORCID profile, so all of your work in VTechWorks can easily be included.]
  • has increased impact. Many studies show that openly accessible research is more frequently cited by scholars than research published in journals and books behind subscription paywalls.
  • is accessible to scholars at under-resourced institutions and in low and middle income countries.
  • has a persistent link to each digital object (i.e., a "handle") that will not change so the link can be reliably cited and shared.
  • is preserved for the long term by the VT Libraries
    • unlike research posted on a personal web page or published by a commercial company that may go out of business.
    • even if the author/creator leaves the university.

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