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VTechWorks: Propose a New Collection

This is a user's guide to the Virginia Tech online repository, VTechWorks.

Explain why VTechWorks needs a new collection

Listed below are some issues to consider when requesting a new collection.

About the new collection

  • How many items will the collection host?
  • What types of items (e.g., PDF documents, videos, images)?
  • What sizes are the items?
  • Who owns the items or collection?
  • Who is the main contact person(s) for this collection?
  • Will there be additions to this collection, that is, will the collection grow?
  • Will there be revisions to the items?

The collection within VTechWorks

  • Where in the hierarchy does it logically fit?
  • Do we have permission to post the items?
  • Does the author want Creative Commons?
  • Will the collection be restricted (e.g., VT-only or embargo, temporarily)?
  • What metadata will we need to describe each item?
  • Who will be submitting the items (e.g., VTechWorks staff, collection administrator, VT students/staff/faculty)?
  • What will be the submission workflow (e.g., user-submitted, single or batch, approval step)?
  • Will there be an administrative group or approval group for the collection?
  • What is the time frame for submission and processing?

Connect and Contact

Connect:          Contact: