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Local History and Genealogical Research in the University Libraries: B. Published Genealogies & Bibliographies

This guide includes resources available in Special Collections, Newman Library, and online that can aid in local genealogy research.

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1. General

  • Beckam, Genealogy of the Beckam Family in Virginia Call No.: CS71 B4375 1910 Special Collections
  • Dorman, Prestons of Smithfield and Greenfield in Virginia Call No.: CS71 P94 1982 Special Collections and Newman 2nd floor
  • Hurley, Pratt Families of Virginia Call No.: CS71 P914 1996 Newman 2nd floor
  • Johnson, Irish Burks of Colonial Virginia and New River Call No.: CS71 B93 1992
  • Kelley, Burk(e) Family of SouthWest Virginia and the Valley Call No.: CS71 B93 1900z Newman 2nd floor
  • Roop, Family Portraits Call No.: CS71 R779 1988 Special Collections

You can also search the library's catalog for individual family names. There are a number of family genealogies in the University Libraries not included on the list above. If you are interested it the Prestons, you may also want to view the Special Collections' LibGuide on the Preston family:

2. Genealogy Collections

  • Armstrong, Notable Southern Families Call No.: CS69 A853 Newman 2nd floor
  • Burns, Virginia Genealogies and County Records Call No.: F225 B455 Newman 3rd floor
  • Boddie, Historical Southern Families 15v. Call No.: F208 B63 Remote Storage (requires notice for retrieval)
  • Boddie, Virginia Historical Genealogies Call No.: CS69 B62 Newman 2nd floor
  • Egle, Pennsylvania Genealogies: Chiefly Scotch-Irish and German Call No.: F148 E32 1969 Newman 3rd floor
  • Fazel, Index to Rev. Horace Edwin Hayden's Virgnia Genealogies Call No. F225 .H41 1931 Index Newman 3rd floor
  • Green, Historic Families of Kentucky Call No.: F450 G79 1975 Newman 3rd floor
  • Haiman, Polish Pioneers of Virginia and Kentucky Call No.: F235 P7 H3 Remote Storage (requires notice for retrieval)
  • Hayden, Virginia Genealogies Call No.: F225 H41 1931 Special Collections and Newman 3rd floor
  • Hollowak, Genealogies of Virginia Families, vols. 1-5 Call No.: F225 G46 Special Collections
  • MacKenzie, Colonial Families of the United States of America 7 vols., Call No.: CS61 M22 Newman 2nd floor
  • Pacquet du Belell, Some Prominent Virginia Families 4 v., Call No.: F225 P36 1976 Newman 3rd floor
  • Price, Outlines of Montgomery County Families Call No.: CS69 P75 Special Collections, Newman 2nd floor, and Newman Microfilm
  • Virginia Appalachian Notes Call No.: CS42 V5 Special Collections
  • Virginia Genealogist Call No.: F221 V79 Newman 3rd floor
  • Virkus, Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy 7 v., Call No.: CS69 V814  Newman 2nd floor

3. Bibliographies and Indexes to Genealogies

  • Brown, Virginia Genealogies: A Trial List of Printed Books and Pamphlets Call No.: Z5313 U6 V76 Special Collections and Newman 5th floor
  • Closson, Family Genealogies in Carnegie Library, Oakland, Pennsylvania Call No.: CS47 C56 1980 Special Collections
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Library Catalogs Call No.: CS47 D38 1983 Special Collections
  • Genealogical Associates, Genealogy and Local History: An Archival and Bibliographical Guide Call No.: CS16 G37 1959 Newan 2nd floor
  • Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Archives Call No.: CS68 U54 2000 Newman 2nd floor
  • Haynes, Virginiana in the Printed Book Collections of the Virginia State Library Call No.: F226 V82 1975 Special Collections and Newman 3rd floor
  • Index to American Genealogies: 1900 Call No.: Z5313 U5 I5 1966 Newman 5th floor
  • Stewart, Index to Printed Virginia Genealogies Including Key and Biography Call No.: Z5313 U6 V8 1970 Special Collections
  • U.S. Library of Congress, Genealogies in the Library of congress: A Bibliography Call No.: CS69 K33 1972 Special Collections
  • U.S. Library of Congress, Complement to Genealogies in the Library of Congress Call No.: CS69 K35 1981 Special Collections
  • Virginia State Library, A Guide to Genealogical Notes and Charts in the Archives Branch Call No.: CD3564 V84 1983 Special Collections
  • Yantis, Genealogical and Local History Books in Print Call No.: Z5313 U5 G45 Special Collections
  • Yantis, Genealogical Books in Print Call No.: Z5313 U5 Special Collections