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Resources by format

Here are listed guides for finding materials based on their formats.

Speeches and other oral communications on topics such as politics, history, science and business can be vital sources for research. Often you will be looking for transcripts of these speeches as opposed to recordings of the speech itself. The library also has sources for transcripts of radio and television programs, particularly news programs. When accessing text of speeches or programs, be sure to check if the text is a summary, except or the full transcript of the speech or program.

Speech and transcript databases

General databases

Databases that primarily index speeches and transcripts of programs are listed below. Search by author for speeches by that author (also search the author by keyword or subject for articles on that author). Limit by date range for transcripts of specific speeches or programs.

Subject specific databases

Speeches by experts in various fields can be reprinted or analyzed in academic journals and other academic sources. These sources will be indexed in subject specific databases found through the subject guides. Search the speech's author and the topic of the speech. Bibliographies may give references to sources of the text of the speech.

Print indexes and sources of speeches

Speeches can be found in a wide variety of sources, including many not indexed by online databases. Use print indexes to locate sources (search the catalog by the source title to see if it is owned locally, otherwise Login to ILLiad to request the title.