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Resources by format

Here are listed guides for finding materials based on their formats.

Note on streaming videos through Zoom

We do not recommend using the screen sharing features of Zoom or other video conferencing platforms to share streaming videos with a live class or to record for asynchronous viewing. This method will likely result in poor audio and video quality.

For "in-classroom screenings" conducted via video conferencing, we recommend directing students to view materials on their own using a posted URL to the video, clip, or playlist in a separate window and with their Zoom audio muted, and then return to the main meeting for discussion, analysis, etc.

Otherwise simply post the URL in Canvas for students to watch on their own schedule.

Contact us

Questions about accessing a streaming video or if a movie is available on a streaming platform? Email us.

The Virginia Tech Libraries provide over 100,000 streaming videos: documentaries, instructional, foreign films, classics, animated, kids films, and historical footage. All can be found through Discovery Search, our primary search interface.

Streaming videos offer several advantages over traditional DVDs and other physical formats. The videos can be watched anywhere, allowing distance learners to view the content anywhere they have internet access. No special equipment or software is required, only an up to date browser. No longer do you have to worry if a classroom has AV equipment or newer laptops come with DVD drives. Multiple simultaneous users are supported, so students can watch at anytime. The videos cannot be lost or damaged.

Most of our streaming platforms allow instructors to extract clips from their videos and to create playlists of multiple videos, so you can choose precisely the segments you want your students to view.


Streaming video providers